Overeating Might Cost You More Than You Think

Think about this when you want to go out and indulge at your favorite restaurant.  Knee replacements are not going to get any cheaper and they will probably be scarcer because of the forces that are driving the health care industry. Better read the following article before you grab that extra dessert.

Adding Pounds, Then New Knees – NYTimes.com

http://well.blogs.nytimes.com Mon, 11 Nov 2013 19:41:27 GMT

New figures strongly suggest that obesity is the most likely reason for the rise of knee replacement surgeries in younger patients.

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Obesity “is a modifiable risk factor for knee surgery,” says Dr. Husni. You can change before it is too late. Remember a replaced knee is never the same as your original.

However if you are already well down the path to pain and immobility. Recovery experiences are  highly variable, fraught with pain and frustration.  It is important that you get good instruction before the surgeon lays a knife to you about what to expect with the recovery process and how to be manage a speedy return to work and your normal activities.

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